What is tupartitura.com?

My experience as a professional tango pianist, popular musician and teacher made me notice that on the Internet there are no popular easy-to-play piano scores for beginning or intermediate pianists, tupartitura.com was born to cover this need, I dedicated myself to creating a Wide range of tango scores and popular songs designed specifically for non-professional pianists, so that nobody is left without touching their favorite songs.

More about me

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Download "El día que me quieras" for free!, includes:

  • Three versions of "El día que me quieras" at the basic, intermediate and advanced levels
  • Versions to download in PDF, ideal to always carry on your cell phone or to print
  • My interpretation of the score in mp3 format for reference
  • Completely free access (without inserting credit cards, just register)


*I will only write to you when I upload new scores.